just because

Goodbye, 2007, and up yours.  I’m over you.

Hello 2008….


Well, kids, it’s official.  I done got me a job!!!  I found out yesterday that I’m the newest member of the special education department at LSHS.  Too cool!  They interviewed 3 people for the position- 2 were teachers wanting transfers from other buildings in the district- and I’m the one they picked.  I can’t even tell you what I was thinking when the head of human resources called to offer me the job… 3 years, 3 long years of seeking out what was next, what the Lord had in store, where I’d be going.  And now… I’m a teacher!  It’s going to pretty much rock, and I can’t wait!

Soooo, I just thought you might all like to know how great I am…  Feel free to praise me now.  😉

Beautiful 70 degree day?  Check.

Professor dismissing class at 5:00 pm instead of 7:15 pm?  Check.

Lots of energy to burn?  Check.

Running for the first time of the season?  Check.

Loving every minute of it?  Check.

🙂  I love spring!

I fear that I have failed my readers. I, in fact, have not been blogalicious. What is blogalicious, you might ask? Well, blogalicious def, blogalicious def, blogalicious def,  blogalicious, definition- make them readers go loco. They want my treasures, so they get their pleasures from looking at my blog-o…

Whoa.  Something tells me I just took a turn for the horrible.

Allow me to ‘splain my absence.  I have no life.  I wake up way too frickin’ early.  Then I go to school and teach.  Then I leave school to go to school and get taught.  Then I go home.  Then I eat dinner, I make lunch, I wash my face, I go to bed.  Repeat cycle until I want to rip my own arm off so that I’ll have an excuse to be stationary for more than 5 minutes.  Drastic measures?  Yes.  But if spring break weren’t in two weeks, it might be necessary here soon.  I can say with confidence that in the fall semester, I will not be enrolling in 9 hours at UMKC.  I will take my 6 hours, and I will enjoy rediscovering what life is.  Besides, that’d be WAAAAAY too much in combination with my first year of teaching.  That’s right- there’s about a 99.99% chance that I will have full time employment in August.  CRAZY!!!!  I was telling a friend of mine that I’ve now been unsecurely employed longer than I was securely employed.  I’m pretty sure that secure employment for me is going to cause some sort of black hole to rip open in the universe, so be prepared, people.  I don’t think it’s going to cause the earth to explode, but we might experience a world-wide blackout.  Make sure your flashlights have batteries.

Today is my mama’s birthday.  Happy birthday, mama.  She’s really young now.  Today is also my beautiful fantastic cousin Sarah’s birthday.  She’s really old now.  16.  And she’s going to get her license tomorrow.  Scary.   I told her to make sure she goes at least 10 MPH over the speed limit during her test because they really liked that.  I’m hoping she doesn’t take me serious.  Tomorrow is Abbie’s birthday…  she would have been 18.  I still can’t really believe she’s gone.  I remember being at the hospital the day she was born, angry at the baby down the hall who wouldn’t stop screaming because I couldn’t hear my cousin.  Turns out it was her.  I held her when she was like an hour old.  18 years ago.  And now….  something tells me tomorrow will not be an easy day.  Just when you think you’re done with the tears…

I didn’t grade the college prep quizzes I was supposed to this weekend.  And I don’t care.  At all.  When they whine at me tomorrow, I’m going to tell them that they’ll get their quizzes when I’m good and ready to give them back.  And if they’ve got a problem with it, I’m going to send them to the office.  Actually, that’s probably not how it’s going to go at all, but wouldn’t that be cool?  I so have absolute power.

Can anyone tell why I haven’t been blogging lately?…  Hope you enjoyed a completely random conglomoration of thoughts.

Some may say that Christmas is the best season of all. To those people, I say fie on you.

Welcome to my most favoritist season ever! Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. I love the Lenten season. Every year, the Lord does something way cool in my life through this season. There’s something about the denial of self, the acknowledgement of sacrifice, the preparation of what’s to come that’s just… terrible and beautiful all at the same time. There’s something about setting your eyes on the cross and its implications in your life that brings about revelations that can’t and won’t occur otherwise. So, welcome, my friends to the most wonderful time of the year. I pray that you will be able to experience the terrible beauty of this time, and that the Lord will reveal new and amazing things in your life throughout the season of Lent.

I’m officially starting my master’s program on Monday night!!!  Hooray for back to school…  It’s really kind of strange, going back and all, but I’m doing it.  In my undergrad years, I was the kid that was lucky to open a book for one of my classes, let alone actually read it.  (sorry, mom… but you probably already knew the truth)  I got a couple of my books last night during my enrollment-advisement-financial office-back to enrollment-advisement again-bookstore fiasco, and before classes even start, I’ve already read the first chapter in both of them…  and I’m interested in what they’re saying.  I’m not quite sure how to handle this whole “interested in education” thing.  It’s new.  Kind of foreign.  Kind of freaky.  But very welcome at the same time!  I’m sure it makes a huge difference when you know you’re actually going to be using the information that you’re learning, and when you actually want to learn it.  However, I’ve never done master’s classes, so I’m not sure what to expect.  I keep having these visions that on the first day of classes I end up like Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”- you know, she’s the only unprepared one in the class and the teacher makes a fool of her and kicks her out.  Only I’m not a petite blonde with big boobs and a fancy convertible and a chihuahua who’s fighting some other chick for the rock.  I just want to be a teacher.  And I’m guessing there’s no rock involved.  Sad day.  But there are great benefits, so I’ll settle for that for now!  It’s definitely going to be interesting figuring out how juggle everything this semester- between subbing, photography, and class 3 nights a week, I think I’ll manage to keep myself busy…  (since that’s such a stretch for me)  Back to school, back to homework, back to papers, back to FUN!!!  From now on, you can just call me a Kangaroo!  GO ‘ROOS!  (who choses a kangaroo for a mascot anyway?  apparently umkc does…)

Santa brought me a pair of tap shoes for Christmas. 🙂

And to the 8 pounds that I’ve recently lost, welcome back. While I haven’t missed you, having you back isn’t so bad if it involves peanut butter bon-bons and Mema’s peanut butter chocolate sheet cake. But don’t get too comfortable. I’ll be tap dancing you away again soon.

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