September 2006

Who thought it was a good idea for me to sub in the SpEd department?  I need a reminder that I love this job.


Geez, it’s been a week…


It’s 2:15.  The school day is over at 2:30.  I have an IEP meeting at 2:45.  With parents.  And other teachers.  And I just realized after going to the bathroom for the first time today (because it’s the first chance i’ve had) that not only am I wearing a white skirt,  but I’m also wearing blue underwear…


Jessi pulls up to the bank to deposit 3 checks at the ATM, one a wedding balance worth a substantial amount of money. She pulls check one out of her wallet, she pulls check two out of her wallet…

“Wait” she says. “Where’s check three (the substantial amount of money check)?”

Frantically, Jessi gets out of the car in the bank parking lot and begins to search for said check. She searches through the wedding information that’s still sitting in the car, she looks under the seats only to find trash, she checks the door compartments only to find more trash… WHERE COULD THE CHECK BE?!?!? Her anxiety rising, she checks her wallet again. No, not there. She looks in her purse. No, not there, either.

Thoughts begin to race through her mind: How will she tell a bride that she lost her check? How will she ever maintain a successful business if she loses all the money people pay her?

Suddenly, she has a thought. Could it be?… Could the check have already been deposited earlier that week? Hoping with all her might, she looks in her check register, and, yes, the amount is there, but being that Jessi sometimes likes to make up deposits and write them in her check register for added adventure when the bank statement comes, she looks for the deposit receipt. Sure enough, she discovers that, despite her memory, she had deposited the check earlier that week.

The search ends, she proceeds to the ATM to deposit the other checks, and all is right again.



Me: Bye, Gavyn.

Gayvn (the 2 year old nephew): You no leave!

Me: I have to leave.

Gavyn: Where you going, Sisi?

Me: I’ve got to go to work.

Gayvn:  You got to go to work? Again?

Me: Yeah, again…


anyone ever think we’d be excited to see $1.99 at the gas station? yeah, me neither.

I’m walking thru the hallway to my office today (that’s right, i’ve started another long term high school subbing position… and i love it) and I see a student wearing a white shirt with black lettering that says, “JESUS LOVES THE HELL OUT OF YOU”.

Response #1- A burst of laughter

Response #2- Wait, is that school appropriate?

Response #3- Who cares? That’s hilarious!

How you attend the memorial service of a 52 year old father, husband, and son, watch his widow and 9 children sing “You give and take away… my heart will choose to say ‘Lord, blessed be Your name'” with hands raised in a sacrifice of praise to the One who has taken so much, and walk away unchanged?

You don’t.

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