April 2006

I shot a wedding with Kelly today. It wasn’t just any wedding- it was the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Nick. Nick and I have been friends for about 9 years… that’s a long time. I’ve seen him grow from a punky teenager who did some really stupid stuff into a man after the heart of the Lord. And he’s been with me through a lot of my junk, too. He’s the type of man that you have no choice but to love because of who he is. He picked a pretty amazing bride, too. Being able to be a part of his wedding was amazing. Here’s two of my favorite parts- After we had done the posed pics, we were back at the church waiting for the ceremony to start. It was my job to hang out with the guys and get pics of them hanging out, getting ready, you know, general guy stuff. At one point, Nick looked at me and said, “Hey, can I see that?” referring to my camera. I, of course, surrendered it to him because, hey, he’s the groom and he can do whatever he wants, right? Then he proceeded to go into the men’s restroom and told me to follow him. Do you know why? So that he could do this~

Yeah, he wanted to take a picture of the two of us in the mirror… that’s my Nick- he has formed a piece of my heart that I cherish and I love his friendship in my life. This is by far my favorite picture from the day and this moment is something that I will love forever. My other favorite moment came during Nick and Keri’s first sighting. I, being one of the photographers, was lucky enough to be in the sanctuary when they first saw each other. Nick had his back turned and Keri walked halfway down the aisle, stopped, and said his name. When he turned around and saw her, it was… a sacred moment. Keri was so overcome that all she could do was stand there, and finally she managed to get out, “I can’t move!” and Nick said, “Then I’m coming to you.” Talk about a picture of what the marriage relationship is intended to be… My typing these words will never do this moment justice, or do justice to what that moment instilled in me. I saw that and thought, heck yeah- this is what it’s supposed to be. Tim, during his sermon at the wedding, said that marriage is loving one another on behalf of God. I saw that in action today and I’m so thankful that I, as a single woman, was able to witness something that so obviously displayed the love of the Lord. The way that he looked at her, the way he kissed her, his tenderness with her… testimony of the love of God, and an example of what I refuse to settle for less than. It was a great day… a really great day.


Why is it that mornings and I just can’t seem to get along? I left my house this morning at the wee hour of 6:40 am to head to LSHS. As usual, I fought my alarm with everything in my little sleepy heart, but alas, the alarm won out and responsibility was looming. Who needs work, anyway? Oh, that’s right- anyone who expects to not live on the streets… right. But that’s not the point. Here’s the point- As I heard the birds singing, felt the morning air, saw the sun rising bringing the great light of early morning, I couldn’t help but think “I wonder if morning was one of God’s favorite things to create?” Now, I know mornings and I have our areas of reconcilation that need to happen, but I also know that when I’m not stumbling around, just trying to keep my eyes open and not run into things, and I open my eyes to really see that mornings are really incredible. The way that the sky holds the clouds and the colors appear out of nowhere? Yeah, my God did that. The birds that get so excited to see the new day coming? Yeah, that was my God’s idea. The peace and calmness that morning brings? Yeah, that came from the heart of my God. It’s good to have your eyes opened unexpectedly to beauty that you knew was there, but you didn’t know was there…

Hm. Maybe there’s hope for me and mornings after all.

So, here's how the day was SUPPOSED to go- up at 8 am, enjoy breakfast, run, shower, hang with the Lord, relax, make lunch, go to a meeting at noon, and shoot some senior pictures at 2.

Here's how the day went- up at 10:30 am… eat quick, hang with the Lord, run, shower, shoot at 2 pm.

I love sleeping in… even when I'm not supposed to. BUT, there's good news to be had- there were no attack geese or killer SUVs on my run, so I think I might be back in the good graces of my shoes. That's good.

Sooooo, my application has officially been put in the hands of people in Korea. Kind of weird, but kind of exciting. We'll see what the Lord has in store!

3:30 pm- MY NIECE IS ON THE WAY!!!!

EDIT- 5:30 pm- Okay, maybe not yet… We’ll find out in a little bit… Dang baby.

EDIT (again)- 9:45 pm- Well, false alarm. Taylor Paige is not yet ready to make her entrance into the world. In fact, the doctors are now saying she won’t be ready until May 30. WHAT?!?!? The orginal date was May 18… and then today we thought today… and now May 30? I guess she’ll come when she’s good and ready. We were just ready to meet our niece/granddaughter/daughter (referring to all the respective members of my family- not all referring strictly to me, of course…) I’ll wait till she’s here to actually inform you that she’s on the way. No sense in getting everyone all excited again unless there’s dang good reason!

The past two days, I’ve watched the first hour of “Super-Size Me” four times. FOUR TIMES. If that’s not motivation for Operation Drop It Like It’s Hot, I don’t know what is… In case you’re wondering, it’s going well so far. I drove through Sedalia twice this weekend, which is where my FAVORITE shakes in the world are made- Wheel Inn Drive In. Their peanut butter chocolate shake is pretty much heaven in a little styrofoam cup. They use lots of chocolate and REAL peanut butter- yum. And what did I do? I drove right on past. The first time was a little rough, but time two wasn’t too bad. The moral is, I did it. And May 2, I’m driving back to Sedalia… just kidding! (or am i?…) Phase One of ODILIH is going quite well, so I decided to enter into Phase Two. I’ll let you know May 15 how Phase Two went.

Lately, through being in different communities and experiencing “worship” in them, and looking back over the past few years of my own life, I’ve come to realize how thankful I am for where I am. I love this season of my life. The Lord has brought me out of so much and into so much that I’m pretty overwhelmed by it all right now. But I’ve also realized that it’s my natural tendency to look at people who aren’t experiencing the fullness of what the Lord can offer with and to think “what’s wrong with you people?” But what prevents me from being where they are? The grace of God. That’s it. I was there- that was me, but the grace of God pulled me out of that place and into His fullness. I’ve needed a change in perspective on how I approach people, and I’ve gotten it. And I like it. I’ve been reading in Philippians, and Paul says, “For many, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even with tears, walk as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their end is their destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.” How often do I judge those who don’t believe or who choose to live a nominal Christian life, when instead, I should be in tears for them? My heart should be breaking over the things that break the heart of God. One of the things that Dr. Perkins (the 76 year old black preacher!) said was you can tell when we transform God into our own image because He starts to hate the people we hate. What a statement. What a convicting statement. It’s cool to see how the Lord is weaving all of these things together in my heart at the perfect time to create a heart that looks more like His. Even if some of it is hard, I love this season because of the refining that’s happening and the being able to see the goodness of the Lord in all of it.

Psalm 73:28- But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.

Last night, a 76 year old black man from Jackson, Mississippi preached at my church. Heck yeah.

So, I was running yesterday (seems to be a common theme of posts lately…) and I was almost killed. No- it wasn't a goose this time, so don't hate the little buggers quite yet. There's about a block of road on the first quarter mile of my route where there's no sidewalk and people seem to find runners foriegners on. This huge SUV, probably the size of my house, was turning right onto the aforementioned stretch of road and apparantly, the driver isn't accustomed to looking both ways, and I almost got nailed. Okay, maybe it wasn't actually the size of my house, and maybe I didn't almost get nailed, BUT she did have to swerve when she realized I was there to not come dangerously close. So, what happened? I'm glad you asked… or I asked… or whatever. This section of road isn't exactly the most high tec of the LS road system, and the edge of the road just kind of drops off, maybe a foot or so. When I saw the giant vehicle of destruction careening in my direction, I instinctively went to the edge of the road, or more like it, the drop off. Aaaaaaaaand, the good ole' ankle rolled. Ouch. So, what did I do? I kept running for 2 more miles. It only makes sense, right? I mean, once you hurt yourself, you should keep going, especially when you'll be pounding the injury repeatedly. Needless to say (but i'm still going to say it) my ankle and the attached leg is a little sore today. Hopefully I won't have to chase any chickens this weekend in Russellville… Seriously, folks. This kind of genious doesn't come in just anyone. Only the finest can do what I do. I think maybe that running has decided that it doesn't want to be my friend this week, which is okay. I just hope next week doesn't bring anymore killer geese or blind drivers…

(there's really no point to this post other than me wanting your sympathy, so feel free to give it generously now…)

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